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Billionaire playboy Oliver Queen was missing for five years before being discovered alive on a remote island. He secretly creates the persona of Arrow – a vigilante – to right the wrongs of his family, fight the ills of society. | On air on Wednesdays 8.7c (The CW)

Suki, who has multiple-personality disorder undergoes an experimental procedure to cure her illness with a machine, which would help to kill the other personlaities she has. But what if her true self is the one she despises the most?

Tomboy KC is a fashion project of Katie's, that she started in late 2013. As of now it is just a fashion blog, that shows Katie's personal tomboyish style, but according to her it might actually grow into a fashion line in the near future.

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Sorella + Tomboy KC

Do you need glasses? Do you want a fashionable pair of glasses with free lenses? Then you should choose one of Sorella + Tomboy KC glasses from You will find below two videos of our girl and her partner, Lynsey Eaton. These glasses are an excellent choice for modern woman. These photos of Katie can help with your choice.

Sorella + TOMBOY KC

In Italian, Sorella means sister, and that’s what Sorella by TOMBOY KC is all about. Sisters and sisterhood. BFFs. Laughter. Comfort. Connection. Glasses are a part of our identity. In a uniquely personal and powerful way, they show the world who we are. And who we are is shaped and influenced by those around us. Each frame in the Sorella collection is named after someone special to Katie or Lynsey, the founders of TOMBOY KC.

tkc_katiec_gasses_28429.jpg tkc_katiec_gasses_28131.jpg tkc_katiec_gasses_28029.jpg tkc_katiec_gasses_28330.jpg tkc_katiec_gasses_28627.jpg

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3Dwhite + ELLE magazine – #SmileStyle

scans_smilefitnessinsider_001.png scans_smilefitnessinsider_001.png elleus_november14_28129.jpg scans_smilefitnessinsider_001.png scans_smilefitnessinsider_001.png

Part 1 of ELLE’s Behind the Smile series with Katie Cassidy, TV actress on Arrow and fashion blogger at Katie shares how she stays healthy as she balances a rigorous shooting schedule with trips to her hometown, LA, for red carpet events.


Tomboy KC’s glasses line with Sorella

Katie Cassidy didn’t always need glasses, but that didn’t stop her from wearing them. “I love them so much that before I needed [reading glasses] I literally would pop out the lenses,” she tells PEOPLE. “I put them on and just felt like a whole new person, almost like a disguise. People probably thought I was nuts, but I didn’t care — they made me feel good and were fun to wear around.”

The Arrow actress is now sharing that passion for glasses with fans, creating a collection for with her best friend and fellow lifestyle blogger Lynsey Eaton (with whom she writes Tomboy KC). The pals took us behind the scenes of their Vancouver shoot, where they styled looks and got silly backstage — check out their photos and learn more about the collection below!

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tkc_katiec_gasses_28129.jpg tkc_katiec_gasses_29129.jpg tkc_katiec_gasses_28129.jpg tkc_katiec_gasses_29129.jpg tkc_katiec_gasses_28129.jpg


Arrow promo & interviews

EW: She’ll find help from Ted “Wildcat” Grant. Will he be training her to become the Black Canary?
Katie Cassidy: At first they butt heads, but at the end of the day, Ted really sees the warrior in Laurel and sees that she’s a fighter. I’ve been boxing and training and I’m so excited and having a blast getting to be able to do that. He sees that she has the spirit and the drive. She has it in her. He embraces it and encourages it. As long as she does it the correct way and learn the basics and doesn’t just go lashing out, he’s very supportive. The relationship between the two of them is great. I think there’s a good dynamic there.

IGN TV: The Flash has aired now and is connected to the same universe and you guys are doing the crossover storyline. Can we expect any potential Laurel interactions with any of The Flash characters in the future?
Katie Cassidy: Yes. I believe that there will be a crossover with Laurel and The Flash. Our writers have an idea that they’ve talked to me about and I think they’re genius. If they see this article, don’t get ahead of yourselves. I’m not blowing smoke, but I do think that the idea they’ve come up with, they’re so smart and they’re so good at what they do… I have a feeling there’s a genius plan that’s going to happen if they go with what they’ve pitched me.

TVLINE | Do you feel like your strength training helps you, or will help you, pull off the more physical, action-oriented sequences?
Katie Cassidy: One-hundred percent. I actually had this conversation with our producers this week, Marc [Guggenheim] and Andrew [Kreisberg]. I am proud to say that in a scene — I can’t tell you which one — you’ll see Laurel training, and they didn’t have to use my stunt double, because I worked really hard at what I was doing. I wanted it to be legitimate, I wanted it to be me. So they let me do it. And aside from that, I literally just texted my producer to tell him that I was able to do something — I can’t tell you what, exactly — and he was like, “No way!” My response was, “The Arrow’s got nothin’ on me!” [Laughs] It’s crazy.

THR: Could there be a friendship between Laurel and Felicity?
Katie Cassidy: I’m not exactly sure where the writers are going to go with that but I do know that Laurel has respect for her because she’s so smart and she’s so good at what she does and she’s part of Team Arrow in keeping Oliver’s secret. It’s an interesting relationship and dynamic between the two of them that I think we’ll explore more this season, especially now that Laurel is involved in more of the action. But I’m not sure, that’s a good question for the writers.


Stephen Amell at New York Comic Con

sheaes | Arrow, Interview, News

Laurel’s Journey To Becoming Black Canary?

Stephen Amell was asked more than once about Katie Cassidy’s ‘Arrow’ character Laurel. “Laurel in the first season was on the periphery and in the second season had some troubles,” said Amell. “Fans will be excited to see where Laurel goes this season.”

Later on during the New York Comic Con 2014 panel, important distinctions were brought up. As one fan points out, (Dinah) Laurel Lance has traditionally been Black Canary’s true identity in the comics. Commenting on the difference, “we never officially call Caity Lotz Black Canary, just Canary. In the comics Dinah Laurel Lance becomes the Black Canary, but how does that happen, how do we get there? We will see….”

Source: Idigitaltimes


Marc Guggenheim On Why It Happened!

sheaes | Arrow, Interview, News


“It was hard. Every time we kill off a character on the show, it’s always incredibly hard. (…) But as with Tommy’s death, as with Moira’s death, the story implications for this development are so far-reaching for the show and affect all of the characters. We always call it it’s the terrible story math. It kicks off, obviously, a mystery that will drive us for at least the first half of the year. It will set Laurel on a trajectory that she’s never had before on the show. It will create all these other complications and dynamics that I can’t talk about because it would spoil stuff. It buys us a lot of story, and it speaks to all the things that we wanted to do this year in terms of Laurel’s character, in terms of Oliver’s character, in terms of Felicity’s character. It’s always a hard thing to do, but it is really the engine that’s driving the whole third season,” Guggenheim explained.

Sara’s death will definitely affect how Laurel and Oliver interact, and probably not necessarily in the ways that one would expect. “I think Sara’s death probably pulls them closer together than pulls them apart,” Guggenheim said. “That’s not to say there’s not significant moments of conflict between them also. That’s one of the reasons we killed Sara off: the amount of story and richness that we get out of it. There’s a scene in episode 2 where they’re going at it and can’t stand each other. And there’s also a scene in episode 2 where they’re the closest they’ve ever been. And that’s all in the same episode. And it doesn’t feel schizophrenic, it doesn’t feel inconsistent. Every moment feels earned, because of the emotional roller coaster these people are on.”

Source: GreenArrowTV


Arrow – Sara Trailer

Bonus: here’s a still photo from 3×03, Corto Maltese.

stills_cortomaltese_001.jpg stills_cortomaltese_001.jpg stills_cortomaltese_001.jpg stills_cortomaltese_001.jpg stills_cortomaltese_001.jpg


Who’s ready for Arrow? Today is the day.

Now that Oliver is pursuing a relationship with Felicity, are things really over between him and Laurel?
Guggenheim: I think ever since the beginning of Season 2 when Oliver and Laurel had their conversation about Tommy’s death and Oliver being away for those five months after Tommy’s death. I think Oliver and Laurel are sort of in a really good post-relationship place. That’s not to say they’ll never get back together again. We never say never on Arrow. But I think Season 3 shows that their relationship sort of evolves. I think some of the scenes we’ve had in Season 3 between Stephen and Katie Cassidy are actually among the closest Oliver and Laurel have had since Season 1.

How does the fact that she knows his secret change things?
Guggenheim: That’s really the fun thing for us. We now get to have scenes between Oliver and Laurel that we never got to have on the show now that she’s in the circle of trust. And I think what it’s done is it’s really deepened their relationship because now they can really be truthful with each other about what’s going on in their lives. That said, Laurel is going to keep a secret from Oliver because that’s our show. Our characters keep secrets from each other.

Will we see Laurel take more steps to becoming the Black Canary?
Guggenheim: I certainly don’t want to spoil anything, but suffice it to say we definitely intended Laurel to be set on a path when Sara gave her that jacket. And you have not seen the last of that jacket. This so borders on spoiler, but I think people who love Laurel’s character and love the idea of her being more active in fighting crime than just being a district attorney will be really happy this year.

source: TV Guide

Are Oliver and Laurel in the best place they’ve ever been?
Now that Laurel knows of Oliver’s masked identity, the two have become a force to be reckoned with at the start of the season: the Arrow catches the bad guys, Laurel indicts them. Guggenheim referenced a moment in episode six where the history and backstory between the two is fully felt. “They were best friends,  they were lovers, they were in love with each other and now they’re post-relationship, but there’s this history there that’s always going to follow them and there’s always going to be a bond between the two of them,” he explained. “There’s a scene in episode six where there’s a really good example of that.”

source: Hollywood Reporter

Let’s see a “Laurel” clip from tonight’s episode


Wizard World Austin

Katie went to Austin for a fanexpo a few days ago (last weekend). Thanks to Robin we can share you guys some gorgeous photos of her, and we got three clip from the panel. Enjoy. (If you want more photos, click here)

wwaustincc_2014_58938.jpg wwaustincc_2014_58936.jpg wwaustincc_2014_58953.jpg wwaustincc_2014_58729.jpg wwaustincc_2014_28329.jpg

click here for the third one

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