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Billionaire playboy Oliver Queen was missing for five years before being discovered alive on a remote island. He secretly creates the persona of Arrow – a vigilante – to right the wrongs of his family, fight the ills of society. | On air on Wednesdays 8.7c (The CW)

Suki, who has multiple-personality disorder undergoes an experimental procedure to cure her illness with a machine, which would help to kill the other personlaities she has. But what if her true self is the one she despises the most?

Tomboy KC is a fashion project of Katie's, that she started in late 2013. As of now it is just a fashion blog, that shows Katie's personal tomboyish style, but according to her it might actually grow into a fashion line in the near future.

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Full DC PAnel at SDCC

Do you want some juicy details about DC universe? Do you want superheroes spoilers? Yeah? Then watch this Panel interview with the casts and creators of Arrow, The Flash, Gotham and Constantine.


Arrow at Comic Con – Spoilers, Photos, Videos

Becky | Arrow, Interview

The cast of Arrow spent two days at the San Diego Comic Con (although Katie has only been there for one day) and the had two panels, one yesterday for the show, and one today, for DC Comics, along with other shows like The Flash, Constantine and Gotham.

The most important Laurel-related scoop we got was that Sara is back, and a scene with her will set “Laurel even more on the path she is supposed to take” (that is, becoming the Black Canary), and we also found out, that Ted Grant (aka Wildcat) is coming to the show. Wildcat is the trainer of Black Canary, who teaches her martial arts.

Before and after their panels, the cast was goofing around a lot, taking several photos together and giving interviews. We are uploading the photos of the cast as they are popping up, and below you can see the interview Katie, Stephen Amell and Marc Guggenheim gave to IGN.

60902583.jpg 10584724_1519273718288601_2044608742_n.jpg5.jpg 10.jpg




Arrow scoops!

sheaes | Arrow, Interview, News

Q: Is Laurel (Katie Cassidy) ready to become the new Black Canary?
ANDREW KREISBERG: Sara (Caity Lotz) may have given her the leather jacket before leaving Starling City, but that’s all Laurel has… so far. If she does undergo hero training it will be over the course of the [third] season.

TV LINE: We spoke with exec producer Marc Guggenheim at a Thursday night CW soiree, where he professed, “One of the things we’re most excited about is Laurel’s story. Everything that we’ve been gearing up for, for the last 46 episodes, will come to fruition” — possibly including that passing of a baton/leather jacket in the season finale. As the season opens, “She’s still in the DA’s office,” Guggenheim added.

Q: Sara (Caity Lotz) passed on her Canary jacket to Laurel (Katie Cassidy). Is that a mantle she’ll take up fairly quickly and what will her relationship with Oliver look like this season?
ANDREW KREISBERG: As always with all of these things, you can’t just put on a mask and go running around. You’ll get killed. Laurel is still just an attorney. She’s an attorney with a jacket. I think Katie Cassidy fans are going to be very, very excited about her trajectory this year. Laurel is going to have a new love interest this season.


Arrow: On set

 The 1st public shoot (that anyone seems to have known of) was on Friday right in downtown Vancouver as the production took over Terry Fox Plaza at B.C. Place to film scenes that involved Oliver Queen walking along with Laurel Lance

The pair  did a scene where they are walking from the stadium in the blazing heat we had here, eventually they stop and talk to a 3rd character, alive and seemingly well… Quentin Lance. (x)

11_9.jpg 7_1.jpg 6.jpg 7_2.jpg 4.jpg


What Katie wore: Birkenstocks

sheaes | Gallery Update, News, TKC

There is no doubt about it, Birkenstocks are back in a big way. Case in point? When we went to shoot this look, not only was I rockin’ Birkenstocks but so was my ever so chic manager who strolled right on over to my hotel wearing hers. You know what they say about great minds…

I for one couldn’t be happier about their return. The look is casual, comfortable and, when paired with more structured pieces, provides the right amount of edge which is just my jam. Not to mention, wearing what makes you feel good (and keeps your feet from falling off) regardless of what others have to say about it is what we are all about. After all, we are Tomboy KC.

Katie Cassidy

Katie-Cassidy-Distressed-Sh_004.jpg Katie-Cassidy-Distressed-Sh_002.jpg Katie-Cassidy-Distressed-Sh_001.jpg Katie-Cassidy-Distressed-Sh_003.jpg Katie-Cassidy-Distressed-Sh_004.jpg


The Scribbler movie stills

I added some new movie stills from The Scribbler, let’s check it out.

thescribbler_still007.jpg thescribbler_still009.jpg thescribbler_still008.jpg thescribbler_still007.jpg thescribbler_still009.jpg


Mayhem Entertainment at Genlux Party

Mayhem Entertainment live at the GenLux magazine release party where we interviewed cover girl “Arrow” starlet Katie Cassidy. She spoke to us all things “Arrow”, whether or not she joined the “Arrow” team, and how she felt about gracing the coveted cover of GenLux.

PS: The sound is very crappy.


Genlux Shoot

sheaes | Uncategorized

So we got a cover shoot video from Genlux Magazine, and finally we got some gorgeous outtakes of Katie. If you want to see the cover and the interview with Katie, please click here.

genlux_4.jpg genlux_2.jpg genlux_1.jpg genluxmagazine_outtakes_instagram_001.jpg genlux_5.jpg

Genlux Magazine had a party yesterday, where they celebrated their new issue with their cover girl, Katie. Katie was beautiful as always.

genluxparty_003_28229.jpg genluxparty_002_28129.jpg genluxparty_001_29229.jpg genluxparty_002_28229.jpg genluxparty_003_28329.jpg


Supanova Perth

So Katie was in Perth a week ago. At the Fan Expo Katie did a panel like the last time in Sydney, but again there was no recording policy, so we don’t have panel videos, but we have gorgeous photos of Katie.

perth_panel_10.jpg perth_panel_1_28429.jpg perth_panel_3_28129.jpg perth_panel_1_28129.jpg perth_panel_2_28329.jpg

Buut we have some interviews at Supanova Perth.

second || third


Katie talking about The Scribbler and…

… acting at Motor City Comic Con.

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