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Billionaire playboy Oliver Queen was missing for five years before being discovered alive on a remote island. He secretly creates the persona of Arrow – a vigilante – to right the wrongs of his family, fight the ills of society. | On air on Wednesdays 8.7c (The CW)

Suki, who has multiple-personality disorder undergoes an experimental procedure to cure her illness with a machine, which would help to kill the other personlaities she has. But what if her true self is the one she despises the most?

Tomboy KC is a fashion project of Katie's, that she started in late 2013. As of now it is just a fashion blog, that shows Katie's personal tomboyish style, but according to her it might actually grow into a fashion line in the near future.

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Who’s ready for Arrow? Today is the day.

Now that Oliver is pursuing a relationship with Felicity, are things really over between him and Laurel?
Guggenheim: I think ever since the beginning of Season 2 when Oliver and Laurel had their conversation about Tommy’s death and Oliver being away for those five months after Tommy’s death. I think Oliver and Laurel are sort of in a really good post-relationship place. That’s not to say they’ll never get back together again. We never say never on Arrow. But I think Season 3 shows that their relationship sort of evolves. I think some of the scenes we’ve had in Season 3 between Stephen and Katie Cassidy are actually among the closest Oliver and Laurel have had since Season 1.

How does the fact that she knows his secret change things?
Guggenheim: That’s really the fun thing for us. We now get to have scenes between Oliver and Laurel that we never got to have on the show now that she’s in the circle of trust. And I think what it’s done is it’s really deepened their relationship because now they can really be truthful with each other about what’s going on in their lives. That said, Laurel is going to keep a secret from Oliver because that’s our show. Our characters keep secrets from each other.

Will we see Laurel take more steps to becoming the Black Canary?
Guggenheim: I certainly don’t want to spoil anything, but suffice it to say we definitely intended Laurel to be set on a path when Sara gave her that jacket. And you have not seen the last of that jacket. This so borders on spoiler, but I think people who love Laurel’s character and love the idea of her being more active in fighting crime than just being a district attorney will be really happy this year.

source: TV Guide

Are Oliver and Laurel in the best place they’ve ever been?
Now that Laurel knows of Oliver’s masked identity, the two have become a force to be reckoned with at the start of the season: the Arrow catches the bad guys, Laurel indicts them. Guggenheim referenced a moment in episode six where the history and backstory between the two is fully felt. “They were best friends,  they were lovers, they were in love with each other and now they’re post-relationship, but there’s this history there that’s always going to follow them and there’s always going to be a bond between the two of them,” he explained. “There’s a scene in episode six where there’s a really good example of that.”

source: Hollywood Reporter

Let’s see a “Laurel” clip from tonight’s episode


Wizard World Austin

Katie went to Austin for a fanexpo a few days ago (last weekend). Thanks to Robin we can share you guys some gorgeous photos of her, and we got three clip from the panel. Enjoy. (If you want more photos, click here)

wwaustincc_2014_58938.jpg wwaustincc_2014_58936.jpg wwaustincc_2014_58953.jpg wwaustincc_2014_58729.jpg wwaustincc_2014_28329.jpg

click here for the third one


Katie has a Facebook Page!

sheaes | News

That’s right. We are not lying!! What should you do? Go and follow Katie on Facebook, too. (Click on the photo for Katie’s page.)

Exploring Facebook…. Its like a whole new world!



New outtakes from Genlux Shoot + Dallas event

sheaes | Gallery Update, News

genlux_7.jpg genlux_6.jpg genlux_7.jpg genlux_3_1.jpg genlux_7.jpg

Katie was in Dallas a few days ago, and she went to an event with one of her friends, Amy Wells Havins. She probably had a really good time, as she seemed to be in good spirits in the pictures.

TROAElementsShoppingParty_28929.jpg TROAElementsShoppingParty_28229.jpg TROAElementsShoppingParty_28129.jpg TROAElementsShoppingParty_28329.jpg TROAElementsShoppingParty_28929.jpg

Gallery Links:


Arrow 3×02 & 3×03 description

sheaes | Arrow, News

3×02 – Sara

Lance calls the Arrow when another archer appears in town and starts skewering businessmen. Diggle uses A.R.G.U.S. to find the archer’s identity; he is a man named Simon Lacroix (guest star Matt Ward), who goes by the codename Komodo. However, the team hits a rough patch with the mission and gets help from a surprising source – Laurel. Meanwhile, Oliver begins to worry that he hasn’t heard from Thea, which forces Roy to tell him the truth about why she left town. Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) pursues Felicity. In the flashback, Maseo (guest star Karl Yune) tells Oliver that Amanda Waller has ordered his first kill. As Oliver looks down the scope of the rifle, he sees the target is his best friend, Tommy. Despite her promise to her sister, Laurel debates sharing a secret about Sara with Lance.

3×03 – Corto Maltese

Oliver decides it’s time for Thea to come back to Starling City, so he packs for Corto Maltese, where Felicity has traced Thea’s whereabouts. Lyla (guest star Audrey Marie Anderson) asks Diggle to go with Oliver because one of her field operatives, Mark Shaw (guest star David Cubitt), has gone dark in Corto Maltese and she’d like him to look into it. Feeling responsible for Thea’s departure, Roy joins Oliver and Diggle on their journey. Shaw double-crosses Diggle, putting numerous A.R.G.U.S. agents, including Lyla, at risk. Meanwhile, Laurel meets Ted Grant (J.R. Ramirez), and Felicity adjusts to her new job.



Arrow questions time!

sheaes | Arrow, Interview, News

Arrow season 3 Premieres on Wednesday, October 8th @ 8/7c on The CW.

Question: Will Laurel and Felicity become friends in the new season of Arrow? —Meg
 Not only will Felicity and now-in-the-know Laurel be friendly this season, but our favorite geek girl will also get on great with fleeting beau Barry Allen’s No. 1 Central City gal, during the Arrow/The Flash crossover (in Episodes 8). “[Iris West] does have an opinion on Felicity, and it’s all good. She’s a fan of Felicity,” The Flash’s Candice Patton tells us. “I think viewers will be very excited to see Barry stuck between these two women. It’s so good.”

CBR: As far as “Arrow” goes, the writers gave you some pretty intense, game-changing stuff last season. Can you tease us about what Laurel’s going to be contending with this season?
Cassidy: Well, now that she’s a part of Team Arrow, I think that allows me to be more involved in the A-story and the action. I’ve been working out a lot, and it’s huge. I mean, the season so far is fantastic, and it just keeps getting better. It’s action-packed, and it’s “expect the unexpected.” Crazy shit goes on. It’s great. It’s awesome.


Three more The Scribbler Interview


You wear the skeleton costume for a good portion of the film. Did you have a certain level of comfort in that, or were you ready to burn it by the time you were done?
CASSIDY: I think the wig was more something that I was ready to burn because it itched really bad and was hot. The skeleton costume was fine. It was pretty comfortable. Wigging, day in and day out, and after shooting day after day after day, gets warm and starts to itch.

The interview continues here

The Scribbler is a really different genre project than the projects you’ve worked on in the past, especially in regards to the world the story exists within. Did that make the film more challenging to work on as an actress or was it more fun to play around that way?
CASSIDY: Oh yeah, it was fun. What was great about that was I could keep Suki and all of her alter egos very real and very grounded, except for The Scribbler. I mean, they all exist in this world that’s very high concept and sci-fi. But by keeping my characters grounded, that made playing The Scribbler so much fun because I could go bigger and all out.

The interview continues here

As excited as you were to be able to get the opportunity, what scared you about it?
CASSIDY: Playing a character like that, I feel like it’s very delicate, and I wanted to be as real and grounded as possible. As for what was scary, I think transitioning from one alter to another, that was a really interesting thing for me, and definitely doing those transitions, I didn’t want to be too over the top. I actually sat down with somebody who had multiple personality disorder, and I saw her transition. It was very fluid, almost like it didn’t happen, but it did. I wanted it to play as real as possible, so just having that aspect, to see it that way, was definitely — it was really important to me. At the same time, it was a little nerve-wracking.

The interview continues here


Upcoming events for the next year

sheaes | News

Katie has been added to several Wizard World Con and more for 2015. Some of them maybe will be canceled due to her filming schedule but hopefully not.

  1. January 24-25th: Wizard World: Portland Comic Con
  2. February 14-15th: Wizard World: Indianapolis Comic Con
  3. April 10-12th: Megacon: Orlando Con
  4. May 2-3nd: Wizard Word: Minneapolis Comic Con
  5. May 9-10th: Wizard Word: Philadelphia Comic Con
  6. June 20-21th:  Wizard Word: Sacramento Comic Con

If you’re following us on Facebook you can check this calender any time you want: Facebook Calendar


New outtakes from Istitute Magazine

 I am an extremist. If I commit to something, I give everything I have. I guess you could say I’m extremely “type A”.

- Katie Cassidy

from the Institute Magazine’s interview

institutemag_isterling_29129.jpg institutemag_isterling_28629.jpg institutemag_isterling_28328.jpg institutemag_isterling_28729.jpg institutemag_isterling_29329.jpg

Gallery Links:

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