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ARROW (2012-)
Role: Laurel Lance / Black Canary
Status: The CW (Season 3)
Genre: Drama, action
Airs: Wednesdays 8.7c
Billionaire playboy Oliver Queen was missing for five years before being discovered alive on a remote island. He secretly creates the persona of Arrow – a vigilante – to fight the ills of society.
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Role: Sharon Tate
Director: John R. Leonetti
Genre: Thiller
Status: Filming
The film is sets in 1969, and follows four friends spending a night in a posh Los Angeles mansion, who find themselves beset by a quartet of deadly killers.
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Role: Suki / The Scribbler
Director: John Suits
Genre: Sci-fi, thiller
Status: Out on DVD worldwide
Suki, who has multiple-personality disorder undergoes an experimental procedure to cure her illness with a machine, which would help to kill the other personlaities she has.
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TOMBOY KC (2013-)
Role: Creative director & editor
Type: Lifestyle & fashion blog
Status: Online since 2013
TomboyKC is a fashion project of Katie's, that she started in late 2013. As of now it is just a fashion blog, that shows Katie's personal tomboyish style, but it might actually grow into a fashion line soon.
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John Barrowman about Season 4

by sheaes | labels: Arrow, Interview, News

We start filming [Season 4] in July, I just finalized my deal about a week ago … it was just about working out dates and stuff. I’m very excited about going back. I can’t tell you anything, because I do know a bit of what’s gonna happen, but if you love Malcolm Merlyn, if you love Oliver Queen, if you love Thea Queen, if you love the Canary sisters [cheering] … I say that with a bit of a twist and a joke, you’re gonna love what’s gonna happen across the DC world. – John Barrowman at Las Vegas Comic Con

If we’re not mistaken they start filming 13rd July – according to Marc Guggenheim.


Wizard World Sacramento

by sheaes | labels: Arrow, Interview, News, The Flash

As we said Katie is in Sacramento for a convention and yesterday she did a Q&A with the fans. However we can’t share videos (it was live-streamed as you could see on facebook, twitter, and tumblr), there are few details we know of:

  • She did many takes when doing the scene where she says “I’m the Black Canary” because she was geeking out over being the Black Canary.
  • Katie said if there was a spinoff for Black Canary, a “Birds Of Prey” show would be cool.
  • “The Flash is so freaking awesome; I LOVE THAT SHOW!”– she said.
  • She doesn’t actually scream when doing the Canary Cry. She demonstrated to the audience how she does it.
  • She wishes one of her superpowers was to be able to clone herself. || “I wish clone myself”
  • “I’m constantly harassing our writers and producers [for information]….” (about season 4)
  • Katie views her fellow cast mates like family.
  • Fan Rachel told Katie that her grandma and Katie’s grandma are best friends and a really touching moment is shared! (They were hugging.)
  • Katie was laughing a lot during her shoots in The Flash and she loved Laurel’s scenes with Cisco.
  • “How many times can you deal with your sister dying?”
  • “Us women can do the same thing. Yeah, I got biceps.” – Katie Cassidy on the rise of female roles on Arrow.
  • “John Barrowman is hilarious” – said Katie when a fan asked about on-set pranks. There is even a take on the blooper reel where Katie and John did some pranks, because the last days was so serious, according to Katie.
  • Who would win: Black Canary or White Canary? “I don’t know… It would be interesting… Caity Lotz is amazing”.
  • She talked about Supergirl, how she is not concerned about the show because the show is in good hands.
  • She wants to be spokewoman of Periscope. (She even did a periscope of the audience on the stage.)

wizardworldsacramento_panel_002.jpg wizardworldsacramento_panel_0011.jpg wizardworldsacramento_panel_006.jpg wizardworldsacramento_panel_001.jpg wizardworldsacramento_panel_006.jpg


Arrow Cast Interview at the CW Upfront

by sheaes | labels: Arrow, Interview, Multimedia, News

Finally we got something from the upfront.


If we were talking about Danielle…

by sheaes | labels: Interview, News, TKC


TKC:  Do you look for style inspiration anywhere or do you just wear whatever the hell you want?
DP: I do look for inspiration. Every time I see Katie I wonder “can I pull that look off??”


Danielle Panabaker talking about Katie

by sheaes | labels: Interview, Misc, Multimedia, News

This time of the year is always quiet, especially when Katie has other filming job besides Arrow, so here is a little video interview of Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow, The Flash) where she is talking about her friendship with Katie:


StyleR: The Bite with Trendsetter Katie Cassidy

by sheaes | labels: Interview, News, TKC

StyleR: Katie, what kind of ‘Trendsetter’ would you categorize yourself as?
A Passionate Trendsetter.

Let’s talk about style when it comes to the characters you play on screen:
I think I’m very different in my every day/personal life than on screen (as far as style). Obviously, every character has a different type of style, a different look. It’s really important to me when creating a character, to have the right wardrobe and costume. It’s a part of my process. I’m very specific about that.

What about your style in everyday life:
I like having the attitude of not really caring what other people think and trying not to overthink and just being confident with what I’m wearing. Sometimes it’s terrible (laughs), we all make mistakes, but I like to look and feel effortless. But, if I think too much, that’s when I feel like I am having one of those bad days. For the most part, I like to mix something casual with something nice (example: ripped jeans with a blazer). It’s about what I’m feeling in the moment.

When we watch you on screen your acting seems so effortless, do you still feel nervous/anxious before performing and how do you overcome this?
The only time I think I get a bit nervous or I think too much is when I’m shooting Arrow. It has probably been the most challenging role, only because I play a lawyer and there’s a lot of legal jargon. For me, I process everything a certain way…I can’t just say words on a page and memorize it. They have to make sense to me, they have to have a meaning, a feeling, a thought. In a non-legal setting, the stuff that’s more emotional, those scenes are a lot easier for me because I know the character and our writers are so brilliant and so good that the words just come out of my mouth effortlessly.

When it comes to legal jargon, there’s nothing emotional attached to that for me. When I have the courtroom scenes, I obviously do my research and homework and figure out what these words mean but they are never emotionally driven scenes. They’re words that I don’t use in my everyday life. I didn’t go to law school obviously (laughs). It’s interesting because my business partner for my blog (Tomboy KC) used to be a lawyer. She’s not only my best friend and my business partner, but I also call her from time to time and say “I know the meaning of this but can you try and help me make sense of it in a language that I can understand.”

Read more »


Life & Style Magazine

by sheaes | labels: Interview, News

There are not much about Katie these days because she is busy with filming, but the other day Katie shared a magazine scan on Facebook about her quick Q&A with the Life & Style magazine. I love these. So…

… if you want to know what she has to say about her latest holiday or the Vanity Fair Oscar Party then you just have to click



Popsugar: We Spy Style episode with Katie

by sheaes | labels: Interview, Multimedia, News, TKC

Katie visits POPSUGAR Fashion Studio and has a message for Taylor Swift:


What Can We Expect From Season 4?

by sheaes | labels: Arrow, Interview, News

“It will take a lighter tone. That’s pretty much the only thing I say without spoiling it, we’ve been working for about a month now in the writers’ room, talking about Season Four, and I think that one thing we all collectively understood was Season Three beginning with Sara’s death, because it’s the death of a major character on the show, it set a tone for the remainder of the season. And I’m not the least bit apologetic for that tone. I happen to like dark and I like the fact that Arrow is a pretty dark show particularly for a network show. That said, every year you want to mix things up and there was sort of a collective desire on all of our parts to try to inject a little bit more lightness into the show, a little bit more humor. It’s not going to radically change. The show’s still going to be the show but in terms of tone we’re coming off a very very hard season for all of our characters. We wanted to try to mix it up a little bit.”

– Marc Guggenheim


Instyle: How does a TV superhero keep fit?

by sheaes | labels: Interview, News

“Workout wise, I always think it’s good to keep your body guessing,” Cassidy told InStyle. You won’t catch the 28-year-old doing the same routine over and over. She’s constantly mixing things up explaining, “I do spin—love it. I do yoga—love it. And I’m also into old-school weightlifting.” Cassidy skips the little 5 and 10 pound dumbbells and instead reaches for heavier weights. She added, “At my peak, I want to say I was lifting about 25 pounds for bicep curls.” She might have a small frame, but the star reminds us that she has to stay strong for her role on Arrow. She confessed,”I’m also in training for the show, so playing a superhero requires big muscles.”

tkc_denimzane_38129_1.jpg tkc_denimzane_28129.jpg tkc_denimzane_28229.jpg tkc_denimzane_38029.jpg tkc_denimzane_38229.jpg
(TKC’s latest shoot of Katie at a hotel)

Cassidy naturally complements her intense workouts with a balanced diet. “It’s a lot of protein, vegetables, greens and skipping the red meat. I’ve been like that for a very long time; it’s just a personal preference,” she says.
Although Cassidy prefers to change up her workouts, she keeps her first meal of the day consistent saying, “I always do the same breakfast: smoked salmon, poached eggs, avocado, multi-grain toast, grapefruit juice, and coffee.” For lunch she says, “I try to do greens again, but then I’ll try to put some sort of protein on there.” And her dinner depends on the mood she’s in. “I do a lot of brown rice, pasta, or chicken, and then some sort of vegetable.”
As for her go-to snacks, “I love almonds and fruit. They’re both super good for you so, I’m always snacking on one or the other.”

Exercise and healthy eating aren’t Cassidy’s only concern for getting ready for the summer. She revealed to InStyle,“It’s important for me to also live a happy, healthy, and full life. Your energy, mind, and body totally connect.”

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